The Best Gift


    Get a gift. Give a gift. That is a major theme of birthdays, holidays and special occasions. It is an unwritten law that is adhered to. However, the best gift is the gift of giving.
    People give for a list of reasons. While some give from self-less goodwill of the heart, portraying a good image, manipulation and appeasing their conscience are also on the list of agendas. This should not be. Ultimately, giving should be an altruistic act that servers a higher purpose. This mindset is achieved when we realize the benefits of adding to others, without being motivated by a corrupt goal.

    You should give freely because:


    It makes you feel good

  • When you give unselfishly, the simple fact that you added something to someone, makes you feel happy. You feel purposeful and this releases mood enhancing hormones called endorphins, responsible for positive emotions. As a result, a feeling of being healthier and mentally rejuvenated is achieved.
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    You are fulfilling a need or want

  • No matter how you choose to do it, a need or want is usually met. When personal agendas are stripped away, it increases your capacity to identify ways in which we can give a meaningful gift that can truly be appreciated. It does not have to be material or expensive, it could take the form of helping goal come to fruition, advice, support or even thoughtful in finding a solution to someone‚Äôs problems.
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    You are living with purpose

  • Within every human being is a need to help and be of value to someone else. This is a fundamental need to serve. It is why we were put on earth. Whether we choose to honor it is completely up to us, but when we do, we become superior beings living outside ourselves. The world would be a better place if more of us chose to live this way.
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    You inspire others to do the same

  • Giving is contagious. Other people, naturally, want to replicate the good feelings that they experience when they receive something. So, they become givers themselves. The more you give meaningfully, the more givers you create. This is, essentially, one very easy way of inspiring change in your family, community, country or even the world.
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    You get back

  • It is a well-known fact that when you are magnanimous, you create positive energy that makes it easier for you to receive. It is a universal law. What goes around really does come back around. People are more willing to give to you after you have set the example. They almost feel obligated to return the act of kindness. So, basically, you get more by giving more. Ironic but true.
    The best gift really is the act of whole-hearted giving itself. It benefits both the giver and receiver, more so, the giver. Money cannot buy the lasting effects it has on people. It is the best way to do something awesome, everyday.
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