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Music is a powerful tool. It has the ability to move and stir you emotionally. Simple notes and chords can bring smiles to your face or tears to your eyes. It’s been proven that parts of your brain activate in response to music and that music has a range of benefits on the body. A few Powerful Music Quotes are listed here.

Music is a great mood booster. You can listen to music for a boost on a tough day or to deal with negative emotions, like stress and anger. Everyone reacts to music in different ways. Whatever your preference, listening to your favourite music helps melt away a bad mood, because it triggers the release of mood enhancing chemicals in the brain.

Music, when used correctly, also stimulates certain activities in the brain that help you to focus, energize, wake up and relax. Therefore, you can induce different states of alertness, depending on what we aim to do. This makes music a very useful tool to students, hard-working folk and anyone who live a busy life.


Another benefit of music is that it motivates you to do more and move faster. In fact, it can help increase endurance by helping to lower your perception of effort during exercise, as well as increasing energy efficiency. That is why up-beat songs are popularly used for exercises such as walking, running or any activity which needs energetic tempo. The best choices for your exercise are up-beat songs that match the tempo of your stride.


Music enhances your mental health while helping you to de-stress.
Music has been proven to be an effective and positive treatment for people dealing with mental health conditions because of its inherent restorative or healing qualities. Someone who is very withdrawn may find that music can act as an outlet for expressing things that they are unable to put into words. It can also act as a stimulus to awaken buried memories or evoke emotional responses that may take weeks to achieve with talking therapies. Nearly a third of people plugged into their music players to give themselves stress relief from life. Tuning in to one of your favourite songs can be incredibly soothing and help to reduce anxiety.

My advice is explore all types of music. I personally enjoy everything from classical and opera, to rap and hip-hip, to country and gospel. The only thing that matters is that you make music a part of your life and enjoy the rewards.



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