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Gene Hill said “Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog” but what about a dog’s love for his human?
At some point, just about everyone can probably say they’ve had an unforgettable memory. You know, the kind of memories where you can recall every tiny detail even though it may have happened years ago?

My little heartbeat at my feet

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For me, that memory will always be the day I travelled across the country to pick up my first service dog, Tommy.


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When was I was a youngster I was told I was eligible for a service dog. I was elated. It was long before that I’d learnt all about all the different ways a service dog would benefit me and I couldn’t wait to get involved in the service dog program at the local nonprofit organization that trained dogs to assist.



Soon my bags were packed and along with my parents we flew across the country to take part in a two week training camp. I had no idea though, though, that I was about to meet the best friend I’d ever had.

Dogs might not be our whole lives buy they make our lives whole

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The first task on the first day was to greet all the dogs by name. Most of them seemed indifferent to me but I finally landed at this beautiful Golden Retriever’s cage and greeted him with a “Hi, Tommy!” Tommy, to my surprise, stood up quickly, wagging his tail frantically. None of the other dogs had reacted this way to me. I didn’t realize it then but that was the moment Tommy chose me.


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Ultimately, after days of intense training at the dog camp, I just knew Tommy was meant for me. We shared some sort of unexplainable connection from the get-go and I will never forget how I felt the moment the professionals officially paired Tommy and I.


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Tommy and I continued to train together for the remainder of the camp – I had to take written tests, go on outings and do agility courses with Tom. We worked like we’d always been partners. From learning commands to going to the movies together; doing some shopping and socializing in restaurants, I couldn’t wait to get my dog home and show off his intelligence to anyone and everyone.


Over the past decade Tom and I have grown closer. I’d swear we can even understand what one another’s thinking.


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I’m pretty sure most dog lovers can relate to this in one way or another. Tommy isn’t just a pooch that can open doors and switch on lights. He understands me emotionally which I find remarkable.


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A few months ago I began experiencing health problems which Tom picked up straight away. A few times during the night he’d come into my room while I was asleep and stick his snout in my face to check on me. It was annoying and worrying all in one and I couldn’t ignore his concern. It was also at that time that Tommy figured out that if he jumped up onto the sofa next to my bed, he could watch me until I woke up – and he still does that now.


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A few weeks ago my oxygen levels began dropping while I was sleeping. Tom got up to nudge my arm and as groggy as I felt, it forced me to wake up and let Tom know I was ok. He stopped nudging and waited by my side until assistance came. When my mother walked in, Tom sighed with relief and went back to the sofa. How amazing is this dog?


Thanks to all the training we’ve done together, Tom puts me first and ensures I’m taken care of. I’ll never forget my experience during that training boot camp. Tommy’s given me unconditional love and friendship and he still amazes me after all our time together. He’s the type of pooch guaranteed to brighten anybody’s day and his quirky, outgoing personality makes it very difficult not to adore him – he’s simply sensational.

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