Inspire Positive Behavior


Let’s face it; people drive us crazy sometimes. We wish we could mold and change them into the people we want. We quickly realize, however, that we have neither the time, ability nor patience to do this. Nobody will ever be perfect and human nature will prevail.

However, we are able to influence them into positive behavior, and they need not suspect a thing.


Avoid being overly critical. You will only seem over-bearing and nagging. Always remember to start by acknowledging their good attributes and genuinely letting them know how much you appreciate them. Then go on to indirectly address their fault by expressing good expectations in the steady increase in good attributes, without giving any hint of offense or arousing resentment.


Stop screaming at them to do your bidding. Nobody likes to feel like they are being controlled. Honey really does catch more flies. This is an ancient strategy that will always reign true. Show the how it would benefit them, also. Help them be enthusiastic making your vision their vision too.

Never make people feel bad or resented because they failed to live up to standards. There is absolutely no need for that. Accept that we are all flawed and let compassion rule. You should not seek to embarrass and pull down, but seek to encourage and build up. Reveal no secrets, expose no mistakes, and instead give them something good to live up to. You do not have to lie, just state positive expectations and their good potential. When you have opportunities to bash people, but refuse to do so, you not only gain other people’s and that person’s respect, they also begin to see you in a positive light.

Going on and on about how hard it is going to be to make up for someone’s mistakes or short-comings will do nothing to change anything. It only breeds hurt feelings and resentment between the person involved and you. Choose to be more solution oriented and get to work right away to fix the issue, making it seem simple and easy to address. No sarcasm allowed either. Just gently let them know that you believe that they are willing and able to do better next time.

Basically speaking, it will amaze you to see how much more positive change you can inspire by making people want to change. By learning to attract, instead of repelling people, by your own behaviour, you will accomplish much more. Implement this in all your relationships and watch it produce great results.

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