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Recently, I was looking at pictures of a one year old girl and became amazed at how grown she was already. It seemed only yesterday, her mum was sharing her struggles as an overworked mid-thirties professional single mother of a bright boy looking for love.
She had a busy life, with no time to date and no time for herself. Now, this woman has a wonderful life, a wonderful husband who encourages her career, a father for her children and a sister for her son. More amazing is that her life just seems to keep getting better.
Is she extremely lucky? No doubt about it. But most of all, she was smart and she knew how to create her luck. When she was ready for love, she applied the law of attraction and this is what she did:


She didn’t listen to the nay sayers and refused to be stereotyped. Professional, single mothers in their mid-thirties are often labelled as being men repellents, because it is believed that men want childless, young women and find professional women intimidating. They are seen as having no time for dating, and therefore, no man.
Ladies, this woman let her vision transcend those of others for herself. She believed in this vision and directed only positive feelings towards it. She never let any doubt or negativity discredit what she saw for her life.


Also, she clearly defined the man and the relationship of her dreams. She took the time to clarify her needs and what their life together would be like. Even the little details were thought about.
For ladies who are looking for love, knowing and envisioning exactly what you want is key. This woman knew this and used it to her advantage. Clarity always yields the best results.


Lastly, she worked with a vision board daily and got ready to receive her dream. She imagined herself as already having the life she envisioned, thus, sending out the right feelings. Therefore, the Universe took care of the rest and brought them together.
Never underestimate the power of a vision board in finding the love you want, ladies. This woman did not and now she has reaped the continuing results of it. She kept her vision close, clear and real, as a result, her dream love had to materialize to match her feelings.


She spoke the language of the Universe and the Universe responded by answering her requests. She took the time to attract to her
Ladies, if you too are looking for love, you can do the same. The law of attraction does not discriminate or keep stereotypes. Truly believe that your circumstances don’t matter when you know how to activate law of attraction in your favour and you can have exactly what you want.

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