Things I Learned Along The Way


    It is often said that experience is the best teacher. The saying is very true. Learning by doing is usually more effective than any other method. That is why wisdom tends to come with age, for most people. Life has taught me countless lessons but there are some that show up every single day.


    I have come to realise that I am who I am. No matter how hard I try, nothing will ever change that-not even surgery. How I feel on the inside will always force its way out. Spending time obsessing about what other people think of you only makes you their prisoner. Loving and accepting myself is worth more than their fickle opinions.

    No matter what you may choose to call him, God knows when I am ready for anything that happens in life. Though I sometimes don’t understand at the time, I know that every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. Delay is not denial. Plan revision may sometimes be needed but the key is to be patient and never give up, no matter what.

    It sounds cliché but your greatest pain really does make you stronger. I am living proof of that. Every trying time that I have had has helped me be prepared to deal with something else further down the road. But pain is only useful if the underlying lesson is extracted from it. Yes, life happens and there are some things that cannot be avoided, like the death of a loved one, but repeatedly entering into situations that inflict great pain is silly.


    Doing what makes me happiest is key living life to the fullest. I have gained a lot of things that I could have never had if I worked at the best paying job, just by choosing to do what makes me feel fulfilled. No amount of money can ever replace time spent with loved ones, mental or physical health or following a calling in life. The freedom and liberty-priceless!

    Spread love not hurt. Revenge seeking and negative emotions always, ultimately, hurt me in the end. It is pointless to carry around bad feelings, while the other party is living their own life. Growing in bitterness or seething in anger, while the other person is out enjoying life is self-inflicted and unnecessary pain. To be wronged is nothing unless I continue to remember it. It is a lot better to choose to forgive and forget or better yet, don’t take offense in the first place. That is one of the ways I allow myself to be happy and go on with my life, baggage-free.

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